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  • Fire and Brimstone is getting attention from indie radio stations and fans alike. Thanks to all the DJs putting it at the top of their broadcast playlists.
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  • While you're here, check out Brett Lucas's guitar solo featured in this ad is on fire! Thanks to Brett for adding his incredible talent and being a truly lovely human being!

Fire and Brimstone Cover Art - Single release by Rio

Fire and Brimstone Available Now!

Rio's latest single "Fire & Brimstone" officially drops!

And just like that, Fire and Brimstone has been released and is already available on the biggest digital distributors around the world. Get it now from Amazon Music, Apple Music & iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and many more in the upcoming days and weeks! Check the HYPERFOLLOW link in the header menu for up to date list of where you can find it now. 

Radio hosts and fans alike are commenting on the lush arrangement, and surprising power and audacity of the newest single by Rio. 

The recording features the musical talents of Rio singing all of the vocal parts (except for a couple choice harmonies added by her daughter, Sophia ), as well as Seán Harris on bass and additional programming, Rick Beamon on Drums, Brett Lucas on Guitar, Henrik Karapetyan on strings, and Gregg Fox on Keys. The song was self-produced by Rio herself, and all tracks were recorded and mixed by Seán Harris with assistance from Rio.

Fire and Brimstone debuts in Indie Radio Alliance's top 15!

By only the third day since its release, Fire and Brimstone is already working its way up the UK Independent's top 15 in the Indie Radio Alliance charts.

Fire and Brimstone Drop Teaser

Check out this great videoFire and Brimstone ready to drop May 2020! Stay tuned for updates!

Will be available on iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play and all major digital distributors.

Breaking News! River's Edge drops this week!

The second single, River's Edge off Rio's solo project (Rise) drops the week of April 1, 2019! 

An aching, swampy groove as thick and wet as a sweltering summer night on the Bayou!  

Warning: This track result in breaking a sweat. 

Look for the track River's Edge by Rio on iTunes, Amazon and all the usual suspects the week of April 1 - no foolin'!

River's Edge art work.

River's Edge art work. 

Satan (Gonna Tear Your Kingdom Down) officially nominated for an LDM Independent Music Award!

Exciting news! 

The first single off Rio's solo project has officially made it to the final ballot in the LDM Independent Music Awards in the Gospel category! 

The track is an old Spiritual from the early 1900's given new life with Rio's haunting vocals that give way to a pulsing, dance floor groove! 

The awards ceremony will be held in June, 2019 in New York and Rio will be there for all the festivities! 

Voting is done by the general public! That's you, friend! 

Cast your vote via the link below! 

Scroll down to the Gospel category and click on Rio- Satan (Gonna Tear Your Kingdom Down)!


New Single "Satan" drops and comes in at #3 on indie UK charts!

Satan (Gonna Tear Your Kingdom Down) is burning up the UK indie charts! 

It's the first single off Rio's upcoming solo project, Rise and is one of the most stirring, cinematic tracks she has ever recorded.  

Critics and fans alike talk about the goosebumps and chill factor of the track and when listened to on earbuds there are bonus layers hidden way down in the bottom ranges that reveal themselves. 

Available for digital download everywhere.

Go on, get it! 

Cover art. 
Satan (Gonna Tear Your Kingdom Down) by Rio

Cover art. 

Satan (Gonna Tear Your Kingdom Down) by Rio


A sample of "Satan (Gonna Tear Your Kingdom Down)"